These are the five best pizza places in Reykjavík

We all love pizza!

Well okay, most of us at least, and when we travel to Reykjavík, for example, we don’t only seek out local food, especially when something akin to traditional Icelandic dishes can be so divisive (mostly sharks and “Þorramatur”).

At the end of the day, sometimes an outstanding slice of pizza can be just what you need. And it might not be surprising but Icelanders consume and insurmountable amount of pizza. In no other country in the world will you find Domino’s being the dominant food chain, in general.

But we are looking for a nice night out, though, aren’t we? And dining on a great meal comes partly with the right atmosphere and a little panache.

Let’s do the impossible by trying to narrow down the best ones to just five spots, according to us and a few of our trusted tastemakers.


DeVito’s Pizza – Laugavegur 126

Don’t let the size fool you. The place may be small, but it’s a near-perfect pizza place to stop by and grab a salivating bite. Great menu, a good deal of oily condiments and the taste leaves you craving. And the slices are huge.


Eldofninn – Efstaland 26

Not all of the city’s best pizza places are downtown or near. Located at Bústaðarvegur, Eldofninn offers the right ambiance and the meals happen to be locally among the most talked about of their kind.


“The Pizzaplace with no name” – Hverfisgata 12

Come to the nameless pizza joint to get a selection of craft beers to choose from and the pizza combinations are quirky but they work!


Ítalía – Laugavegur 11

When in doubt, go Italian. And, like the restaurant’s name implies, this is a straightforward option, but fortunately, the place is truly a standout. The menu has an advantage of offering something way more versatile than only pizzas (but that’s irrelevant when it comes to this list anyway), but the pies themselves really hit the spot. Be sure to book in advance, though. You’ll find out why.


Kebabhúsið – Austurstræti 3

Easy to find, decent service and almost impossible to leave there without feeling nice, stuffed and satisfied. And there’s just nothing that beats that Kebab sauce that proves to be an essential topping. Drooool.


Other noteworhy places:

Primo Ristorante