Icelandic vikings made it to the Super Bowl

Securing an ad space during the Super Bowl is no small feat. 

Being one of the biggest sports event on the globe, it comes with the territory that many ads and commercials try their best to stand out (especially since the price tag for 30 seconds of ad time is north of $5 million). Which ones will be the most talked about the day – or even week – after?

But as far as participation goes, Iceland got a chance to shine a bit in an ad for Dodge Ram, in which a horde of Vikings cruises across the Icelandic tundra, towing a massive Viking ship, all while singing a fast-paced version of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

The head viking behind the wheel is Hlöðver Bernharður Jökulsson, and among the others aare Stefán Sæbjörnsson, Sveinn Hjörtur Guðfinsson and Magnús Ver Magnússon, former powerlifter and strongman competitor who won the title of World’s Strongest Man four years in a row.