Learning Icelandic: Step One

“Íslenska” is easy but, according to a lot of people, the rest is really hard.

So if you have an interest in learning the tongue-twisting language of the north, you better start somewhere.

Simple words like “Soup”, “Car” and “Horse” make for a fine intro to Icelandic, as demonstrated in this little video by a YouTuber known as DavidsBeenHere.


If you want to go for something a bit more advanced, try these little
phrases out.

Playing chess with the Pope – Að tefla við páfann (try Googling what this means…)

I arrive from the mountains – Ég kem alveg af fjöllum

Window weather – Gluggaveður (meaning weather that’s nice to look at, but not experience)

Shut up, Batman – Haltu kjafti Leðurblökumaður


And, of course… the graduating nugget is the most talked about one,
even though few an actually say it correctly.