Need to slide one out? Don’t avoid the signs


Doing your business anywhere outdoors isn’t always good for business, obviously, or nature – for that matter.

Through the years, there has been a rising problem of tourists being told to answer nature’s call near or in rivers, hardened lava formations and random ditches (because, let’s face it, portable WC’s are a rarity outside city limits), leaving messy trails unsuitable for the environment, not to mention the hassle it creates for everyone who needs to pick up other peoples droppings.
Yes, that is a thing that happens.

Hrafn Heiðdal, owner of Ferro Signs in Iceland, found an ingeniusly practical solution to this problem and began to make signs that grab your attention easily.

This idea originated as a simple status on Facebook, but once published, requests came pouring in from people and landowners who wanted a tangible sign. “We have sold way more signs than expected”, Hrafn said in an interview with Fréttablaðið.

“We had heard this discussion, so we created one sign and posted on Facebook,” Hrafn added. “There are also many who asked for a sign indicating that a country is a private country, because tourists are coming at all times of the day and bothering them.”

In short…

No sh!t.