Sigur Rós drummer plays on the streets of London – for fun!

“I hope he has a day job. He’s not going to earn any money doing that.”

It may not have been up to everyone’s tastes, but that didn’t stop Sigur Rós drummer Orri Páll Dýrason from experimenting with a different set of instruments on Oxford Street in London this week.

Mr. Dýrason, a resident in London, was reportedly in a very Christmassy mood, so he decided to take his own gig to the street, spreading festive joy by jamming with plastic buckets and pots, because why not?

The Sigur Rós band posted the video below on its Instagram page, where many commenters admitted their shock to having passed by Orri without any clue of his identity, and it’s no secret that many Londoners are big fans of Sigur Rós.

More noteworthy, though, is the above mentioned comment made by an offscreen woman, who didn’t seem too impressed.

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Was it all a joke?

Might be.

Either way, it demonstrates in prime fashion that first impressions can indeed be deceiving.
Don’t feel bad for Orri though. Apart from being a key member in arguably Iceland’s most popular band, many people shelled out some coins for this guy’s one man show.