The pros of going camper van in Iceland

Renting a car and finding the right hotel to stay at can quickly become pretty time consuming and complicated, so one solution is to think practically and merge the two options into one.

It’s what we call #vanlife.

Everything suddenly becomes so easy and you won’t even have to plan too much. Let’s break down the pros of going van.

You can chase the good weather, the northern lights during the winters or the bright sun in the summertime, both of which can be especially useful to photographers!

It’s nice to be able to travel and eat wherever you like, but always staying in a comfortably heated environment, at your setting. You can grab your food to go anywhere and might save a ton of money on restaurants.

No check-ins, no overpriced rooms. The van life lets you get out of your comfort zone, and according to costumers, it’s nice to be able to be free and explore the country on your own time and speed.

If camping outside organized campsites or urban areas, you might still need a traditional tent. The most important thing to know is that different rules now apply to camper vans, so you always need to find an organized campsite to spend the night. However, this is usually never a problem as there are campsites around every corner in Iceland and you don’t even have to reserve a spot in advance.
Just show up and enjoy the night.

We recommend looking up Happy Campers, a family-run camper van rental in Iceland. These are not your typical motorhomes but rather simple and efficient mini campers that have the essentials to make the most of your trip in Iceland.

Happy Campers are open every day from from 8:00 to 17:00. And that includes Sundays.